Building Together

Sutton & Horsley keep the process simple and the client well informed – at no point is the client left on their own.

Once contact has been made with Sutton & Horsley, the client meets with one of the Directors, Greg Sutton or Don Horsley together with Contract Administrator, Michelle Turner to discuss the project, vision, aspirations and budget. From that point, Greg or Don will be the point of contact throughout the design and building process and will be onsite for the duration of the project. Michelle is also integral to the process, managing the administrative and contractual procedures as well as, approvals from local government and private certifiers.

In terms of the design process, if plans are already drawn up, these are discussed with input from Greg or Don on how the design would work in practice and, if necessary, possible ways to conserve costs – while respecting the plans. If the client needs to engage a designer, their concepts and design brief are matched by Sutton & Horsley to a closely associated architect or designer, who will work with them to develop their design.

Prior to construction, the scope of work is clearly detailed in a fixed building agreement. Michelle actively manages the budget during construction so that the client always knows where they stand. Any changes to architectural design or finishes, fixtures and fittings will be updated in the agreement, so the client knows the impact on the bottom-line and the project remains within agreed costings.

Once the design and approval process is complete and contracts have been signed, Greg or Don will be onsite to manage the construction and the team of subcontractors. During the construction process, Michelle will manage all the day-to-day dealings with the client, while Greg or Don are only a phone call away for assistance on any site-related matters. The team enjoys dealing with their clients and encourages them to meet regularly and visit the site, to see their dreams grow from vision to reality.